IDO Hand Blender 800 Watt – White HBL800-WH

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IDO 800 Watt hand blender is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that can help unlock new techniques for a variety of recipes
Blending is much easier with the 2 speeds Stainless steel powerful immersion rod you can easily make delicious smoothies & warm soups in a short time.


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One of the greatest things about the hand blender is its convenience. It has a beaker with 600 ml capacity and alsoportable and fits neatly in your kitchen drawer Because it’s very light to pick up with one hand.

IDO Hand Blender 800 Watt feature:
  • 800 Watt high performance to make your smoothies, juices, or Soups every day
  • Blending is much easier with this 2 speeds powerful immersion to give you the smoothest textures of food
  • Beaker with 600 ml capacity so it can fit all your fresh vegetables/fruits
  • Stainless Steel immersion rod is an extremely strong and highly durable material with high impact resistance.
  • Powerful and Con


800 W


2 Speeds


600 ml





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