IDO Hand Blender 800 Watt – Black HBL800-BK

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Hand blender is one of the most efficient appliances to have in your kitchen.

Besides blending, you can use IDO hand blenders for making purees, soups, smoothies and sauces.

It is convenient to hold and strong because of the stainless steel immersion rod.


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800 Watt high performance to make your smoothies, juices, or Soups every day.

Blending is much easier with this 2 speeds powerful immersion to give you the smoothest textures of food.

Beaker with 600 ml capacity so it can fit all your fresh vegetables/fruits.

Stainless Steel immersion rod is an extremely strong and highly durable material with high impact resistance.

Powerful and Convenient device that would save you time to be pulled out with a single hand.

Color: Black



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