Bosch Hand Mixer Styline 500 W White ,MFQ4080

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Motor Power:

500 W

Speed levels:

5 Speed plus turbo function


Pulse / turbo setting



Country of origin:


Included accessories:

2 x lid, 1 x mixing/measuring beaker, 1 x stainless steel mixing wand, 1 x universal shredder, 2 x professional kneading hook, 2 x premium turbo beater stainless steel



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Bosch Hand Mixer Styline 500 W White ,MFQ4080

Excellent Results:

– Approved Bosch technology and modern motor: powerful and at the same time light and quiet

– 500 W

– 5 speed settings with different rpm for individual operation

– Additional pulse / turbo setting for maximum performance


– The ergonomically designed non-slip soft touch handle for a secure and comfortable operation

– Possibility to attach easily a blender foot or a multifunctional chopper

– Easily detachable chopper attachment and blender foot with eject button

– The separate eject button helps to detach easily FineCreamer Turbo beaters and dough hooks

– The hand blender and all accessories are dishwasher safe.

– Practical space saving wrap around cable storage with cable clip


– Bosch “safety lockage”: thanks to audible “Click-Mechanism” the chopper and each tool are safely fixed in the hand mixer’s housing.

– All plastics that are in contact with food are BPA free


– Includes a XL-Chopper (760 ml usable volume): with removable high-quality stainless steel blade With lid for storage in your fridge.

– 2 highly efficient FineCreamer turbo beaters for perfect whisking and stirring results. More volume in shortest time

– 2 heavy duty stainless steel kneading hooks for a stressless kneading

– High-quality stainless steel foot

– Transparent calibrated mixing jug with lid for storage in your fridge

Powerful motor for optimal results

500 Watt Bosch motor

High power motor with 500 watts: ensures excellent results for any baking or cooking task.



Highly efficient whisks which provide more light and airy mixtures in less time.

Stainless steel dough hooks

Stainless steel dough hooks

Ensure effortless kneading of challenging mixtures.

Comfortable and safe to hold

Lightweight housing with soft touch handle

Enjoy effortless mixing: The handle with soft touch coating, ensures a secure grip even while mixing at high speed.

5 speeds plus turbo function

5 speeds plus turbo function

 Thanks to a wide range of speeds with five settings you can mix any recipe to your desired consistency. The turbo function gives you an extra burst of power whenever you need it.

eject button

Easy eject button

 Push the easy eject button to release the beaters or hooks. Most attachments are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.



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