Bosch Meat Mincer CompactPower 1500 W White ,MFW3540W

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  • Double-sided knife: always ensures perfect results or correct assembly.
  • Sausage horn: the easy way to stuff fresh, homemade sausages.
  • Kebbe attachment: for easier preparation of delicious traditional dishes.
  • Stainless steel disc: durable, food safe, neutral in taste or easy to clean.
  • Included accessories:
1 x filling aid, 1 x filling tray, 1 x pusher, 1 x sausage attachment, 1 x disc 4 mm,
1 x disc 8 mm, 1 x kebbe attachment, 1 x continous Shredder (Barrels),
1 x barrel shredding rough, 1 x barrel shredding fine, 1 x barrel slicing



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Bosch Meat Mincer CompactPower 1500 W White ,MFW3540W

Excellent Results:

– Power consumption: 500 W

– Blocking power 1500 Watt

– Output per minute: 1.8 kg

– Grinder head size 5


– Doublesided knife for perfect result.

– Rubber feet for extra stability


– Large filling tray, handy stuffer

– Easily stowable

– Integrated accessory storage solution

Accessories included

– Discs: 4 / 8

– Sausage horn

– Kebbe

Double edged for particularly thorough mincing

Double-sided knife

The stainless steel double-edged knife has two sharp edges and thus always guarantees correct assembly as well as perfectly precise cuts.

Helps prepare a wide range of dishes

Shredding attachment

Offers a wide range of dishes due to comfortable grating, cutting .

These sausages are fresher than from the butchers shop

Sausage horn

The easy way to stuff fresh, homemade sausages. These sausages are fresher than from the butcher’s shop.

The tube makes the difference

The tube makes the difference

The attachment is intended to make the preparation process easier. You can use it to shape tubes, fill them up and press them together on both sides.
Appropiate perforated discs for various types of food

Stainless steel disc

Stainless steel is a durable, low-maintenance material, it is hygienic, has a smooth surface, is tasteless and is very easy to clean.

High performance

High performance

The meat mincer provides high performance and processes ingredients evenly and in the shortest possible time.
Compact space saving design and easy storage

Compact design

 Thanks to its compact size, the meat mincer is space-saving, always at the ready and stowed away quickly again.

Stylish design 300

Stylish design with integrated storage.

Now you never have to search around for the right accessories again. The meat mincer is especially stylish and the accessory discs can be stored conveniently in the integrated storage compartment to keep them perfectly organized.
Ingenious design 300

Ingenious design with easy-to-store cable

 This meat mincer provides a cable compartment for storing the cable easily without tangling.

Stability on the work surface thanks to clever design

Stability on the work surface thanks to clever design.

A mincer that moves around on the work surface can be dangerous. Thanks to the rubber feet the mincer sits securely on the worktop.


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