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Kenwood Electric Health Grill ,1700 W ,Black ,HG230

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Kenwood Health Grill, Black – HG230




Perfect For Your Home

The Kenwood HG230 Electric Health Grill’s incredible features enable you to grill perfect steaks, fish, chicken, vegetables for stir fry, and more.

This 1700W electric grill draws power via the mains, enabling you to use it in your homes on a lazy, sunny weekends with the utmost ease.




Fat And Oil Free Meals

The Kenwood HG230 Electric Health Grill is designed to eliminate fats and oil in your delicacies.

The grill’s nonstick plate is crafted in such a way that it channels cooking juices and fats to the drip tray at the bottom.

Now you can enjoy scrumptious grilled meat or vegetables without worrying about unhealthy grease and calories.




Easy To Operate


The Kenwood HG230 Electric Health Grill is extremely easy to operate.


You can plug in this grill to your home’s electric sockets and start cooking all you favorite steaks and stir fries immediately.




Easy To Clean

The entire unit comes apart with minimal effort, letting you clean all the non electrical parts thoroughly.

You can clean the device’s base, grill, drip tray, and the glass lid in your dishwashers.


The Kenwood HG230 Electric Health Grill is very to clean too.




  • Grill Type :Electric Grills
  • Fuel Type :Electric
  • Product Color : Black
  • Model : HG230


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