Tupperware Cubix Mini Rectangular 250 ML Purple

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Meats, cheeses, salads, soups, leftovers, and more can be stored in boxes.
Their square shape makes optimal use of the storage space in the refrigerator, and the rounded corners make them easy to carry.
In addition, the boxes can also be used in the pantry and store sweets, herbal infusions, cake decorations, chocolate, sugar, cereal and more.
You can also store creative materials, sewing accessories, stationery and more in boxes.



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Tupperware Cubix Mini Rectangular 250 ML Purple

 These Tupperware Cubix set are very useful to store and carry for those small, and important things in life

However, these Cubix set is a modular, stackable, and also space-saving containers.

Tab on the seal is useful for easy opening. Containers nest into each other for easy storage. Use to keep fresh or leftover food and even dry food items.


The new Cubex series is more useful than ever! These modular boxes have a new and contemporary design, and they can be stacked one on top of the other for a clean, organized and accessible refrigerator.


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