Cointra Natural Gas Water Heater 11 Liter Digital TERNI 11 PLus

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Gas Water Heater 11 L
Maximum water pressure = 10 bar
It can be converted from natural gas to gas tank
Made in Spain




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Cointra Natural Gas Water Heater 11 Liter Digital TERNI 11 PLus

Low NOx Heaters

Low NOx regulations

Since September 26, 2018, all gas heaters placed on the European market for the first time must have emissions lower than 56 mg/kWh.
This new generation of Low NOx heaters from Cointra achieves a level well below what the regulations establish.


Cooled Burner (Cool System)

Exclusive refrigerated burner, designed and built specifically to be able to cool the flame base throughout its entire path, thereby drastically reducing NOx emissions into the atmosphere, maximizing its performance.

Gas savings

Without pilot light: more gas savings

This heater with electronic ignition only starts up when hot water is requested, without the need for a permanent pilot light. This represents a significant energy saving (one bottle of butane every month and a half).

Variable and modulating power

Variable and modulating power

Possibility of adjusting the power of use between 50% and 100%. In addition, the heater automatically adjusts gas consumption to the demand for hot water.


LCD digital display

Accurate information on water temperature, with consequent savings due to unnecessary heating.

Easy installation

Easy installation: sockets provided in the interior template

It is not necessary to dismantle the casing to install the device. And also: easy connection of hoses, simple and safe tightening.

Electronic ignition by batteries

Electronic ignition by batteries

Since it runs on 2 batteries, it does not require any power outlet near the device.


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