Ariston Gas Water Heater 6 Liter-DGI6LDFNG

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  • 6 liter. Works with natural gas.
  • Designed to operate at lower pressure of water.
  • All models operate automatically as soon as water opens.
  • Key for temperature control.
  • Key for amount of water flowing control .


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Ariston Gas Water Heater 6 Liter-DGI6LDFNG

 Baths in early winter mornings are always a battle, if the water is not properly heated and end up taking a cold bath that is something not very pleasant. That is exactly why you need a good water heater to help you kick-start your day. Our Water heater is not just to give you hot water. It must do so safely and it must also be a good investment in terms of design, utility, and maintenance. There are certain important points that must be considered before purchasing a water heater.

A good water system is one that heats water efficiently while consuming less energy doing so. It is important to choose a water heater that matches your bathroom. Things to be taken into consideration while making a purchase are water heaters capacity, shape and size of your family.





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