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Elsewedy CU-PVC copper wire Stranded 16 mm thick

Cable Type: Stranded

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  • GLC GELTEX 25000, White 113.72EGP1,286.78EGP
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    GLC Paints is a dynamic and innovative brand that specializes in providing high-quality paint solutions for various applications. With a commitment to excellence, the brand has established itself as a reliable choice in the paint industry.




    Product Features

    GLC Plastic Paints encompass a versatile range of high-quality coatings designed for interior applications. Formulated with precision using advanced acrylic polymers and special additives, these paints exhibit exceptional features that enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of surfaces. The following description encapsulates the key attributes common to all products under the GLC Plastic Paints category.

    Product Usage

    • Plastic Surfaces:
      • Ideal for painting various plastic surfaces, providing a protective and aesthetic finish.
    • Outdoor Plastics:
      • Suitable for exterior plastic applications, offering weather-resistant and UV-protective qualities.
    • Indoor Plastics:
      • Designed for interior plastic surfaces, contributing to a visually appealing and durable coating.
    • Decorative Plastic Items:
      • Perfect for enhancing the appearance of plastic decor items, creating a smooth and vibrant finish.
    • Plastic Furniture:
      • Use on plastic furniture to refresh or change its color, ensuring a lasting and resilient coating.
    • Plastic Fixtures and Fittings:
      • Appropriate for coating plastic fixtures and fittings, providing both style and protection.
    • Plastic Decorative Pieces:
      • Enhance the look of plastic decorative pieces, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing environment.
    • DIY Plastic Projects:
      • Suitable for various do-it-yourself (DIY) projects involving plastic materials.
    • Custom Plastic Creations:
      • Use to paint custom plastic creations, allowing for personalization and creativity.
    • Recreational Plastic Items:
      • Applicable to plastic items used for recreational purposes, ensuring a resilient and appealing finish.
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    Sokany Multi Function 2In1 Blender 800W, SK-155
    Sokany Multi Function 2In1 Blender 800W, SK-155
    Sokany Multi Function 2In1 Blender 800W, SK-155 1,585.00EGP
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    Brand Name Sokany
    Color n\a
    Special Features Portable
    Included Components n\a
    Style Modern
    Power Source Corded Electric
    Wattage 800 watts
    Voltage 240 Volts
    Item Weight 943 Grams
    Is the item dishwasher safe? Yes
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  • BR Welding Socket With Loose Nut, PP-R, Green 85.78EGP139.12EGP
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    Brand Brief

    BR Banninger is your best choice for all of your plumbing needs. We provide top-notch pipes and fittings to help you get the job done right.

    Product Usages

    Green PPR Fittings are designed for plumbing water supply systems to provide secure and reliable connections for water systems. Our fittings are made from high-quality materials that make them durable and dependable.
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