Beko Freestanding Washing Machine 8KG WTV 8612 XMCI

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Beko Washing Machine Full Automatic Digital 8 Kg 1200 Rpm Steam Chorome Door Inverter – Gray – Wtv 8612 Xmci



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Beko Freestanding Washing Machine 8KG WTV 8612 XMCI

High efficiency, high durability, low noise

Don’t worry about your electric bill and say goodbye to headaches every time you wash and dry your clothes, thanks to the brushless motor design, ProSmart technology delivers high energy efficiency, lower noise and higher durability – all in one machine. You’ll get maximum efficiency from your washing machine without blowing up your monthly budget or causing headaches.


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Spot-free cleaning of 24 of them

Throw aside white vinegar, lemon juice and dishwashing soap, these things belong in the kitchen and your stained clothes belong in the washing machine With the StainExpert Programme, whether the stains are coffee, ketchup, chocolate, make-up or blood, StainExpert is specifically designed to remove 24 different types of stains. stains, there is no need to treat this residue before washing anymore.


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The Express is very short, 14 minutes long

2 kg of clean laundry in 14 minutes

Not all clothes require intensive washing. Sometimes you may need to do a quick wash. The Xpress Super Short 14 Min program allows you to wash up to 2 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes. 2kg may not sound like a lot but that’s almost 20 T-shirts! And this is more than enough. To be ready to go out.


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Wrinkle-free wash

If ironing isn’t your thing (and is someone’s favorite activity?) learn about AntiCrease, powered by IonGuard technology. Where the washing machine tub rotates alternately at the end of the cycle to keep the laundry fresh and free of folds. Which means less ironing and more time doing what you love instead.


Other Features


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