Bosch Meat Mincer 1500 W White MFW3540W

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  • Double-sided knife: always ensures perfect results or correct assembly.
  • Sausage horn: the easy way to stuff fresh, homemade sausages.
  • Kebbe attachment: for easier preparation of delicious traditional dishes.
  • Stainless steel disc: durable, food safe, neutral in taste or easy to clean.
  • Included accessories:
1 x filling aid, 1 x filling tray, 1 x pusher, 1 x sausage attachment, 1 x disc 4 mm,
1 x disc 8 mm, 1 x kebbe attachment, 1 x continous Shredder (Barrels),
1 x barrel shredding rough, 1 x barrel shredding fine, 1 x barrel slicing


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Bosch Meat Mincer 1500 W White MFW3540W

Double-edged for particularly thorough mincing.

MCIM03183880 FP BO U17

Usually meat mincers only have a single-edged knife. The stainless steel double-edged knife has two sharp edges and thus always guarantees correct assembly as well as perfectly precise cuts. The knife fits perfectly, shreds meat and vegetables equally and is easy to assemble and clean.

Helps prepare a wide range of dishes.

MCIM03183895 FP BO U17

Keep your peace of mind, when it comes to meal prep time. The shredding attachment will be of great help. There is no limit to how much food you can slice up, cut up or grate. It is suitable for a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, fruit cheese, nuts or chocolate.

These sausages are fresher than from the butcher’s shop.

MCIM03183894 FP BO U17

Homemade sausages can be prepared freshly according to your individuel taste and will delight your guests. The sausage attachment lets you create your own delicious chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian sausages.

The tube makes the difference.

MCIM03183887 FP BO U17

You can make kebbe even if you don’t have much time. The attachment is intended to make the preparation process easier. You can use it to shape tubes, fill them up and press them together on both sides.


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