Beko Dishwasher 14 persons Black ,BDFN15420B

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  • Brand Beko
  • Dishwasher Type Standard Dishwasher
  • Dishwasher Design Freestanding Dishwashers
  • Number Of Place Settings 14 Place Settings
  • Number Of Programs 5 Programs
  • Dishwasher Dimensions W x H x D: 598 x 860 x 610 mm


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Beko Dishwasher 14 persons Black ,BDFN15420B

More space for pots and pans in the lower rack

The basket for forks, spoons and knives is a clever innovation but gets in the way of large pots in the lower rack. The Sliding Cutlery Basket solves this problem by allowing freedom of movement to the right and left so that you have room to fit large items.


 Screenshot 2023 03 29 100120


Sliding Detergent Dispenser

Easy-to-open dispenser cap

Don’t hurt your fingers trying to open the detergent dispenser door. The Sliding Detergent Dispenser door is easy to open making adding detergent very easy.


Screenshot 2023 03 29 100203


Screenshot 2023 03 29 100303 removebg preview SteamGloss

Cups without watermarks

Did you set the table only to discover that the glasses looked like they had watermarks on them? A 10-minute SteamGloss heat cycle ensures glasses will shine like brand new. Thanks to it, you’ll get 23% more lustrous glasses and 30% shinier crockery to serve at the dinner table next time and impress guests. *Tested by external laboratories

Easy-fold Plate Support

Extra space for pots and pans

Every time you cook you use pots and pans of different sizes and you need a dishwasher that can accommodate that. The Easy Fold Plate Support System allows you to easily save space on racks to fit bulky pots and pans. You no longer need to hand wash bulky items!


Screenshot 2023 03 29 100355

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